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K-Swiss California Conscious Logo

WE ARE dedicated to reducing
our environmental impact

WE ARE dedicated to reducingour environmental impact

By designing more and more sustainable products, with a goal of having at least half our line use recycled content and materials by 2021.


Reducing our environmental impact
We are continuing to update our practices and become more environmentally sound and sustainable. These are just some of the practices we’ve put in place.

FSC Logo

We switched our packaging to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved materials that come from sustainably managed forests.

Water Bottle Recycle Logo

We now use recycled ocean plastics materials in our textile linings.

Tree Conscious Graphic

We work with Gold-rated leather tanneries that can trace the source of their hides—so we don’t use materials from ranches that cut down rainforests.

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We use recycled content for our laces (like ocean plastics!)

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Our Factory Standards
We ensure our factories employ people of legal age, do not force people to work in dangerous conditions and pay all workers a living wage.

OUR Sustainable Collection

The Startup

Designed and engineered from the ground up using more sustainable and recycled materials.

California Conscious

Iconic, heritage silhouettes reimagined and re-engineered with recycled materials.

White Surf

Heal The Bay

Our mission is to make coastal waters and watersheds clean, safe and healthy for both the people and marine animals of Los Angeles.

This collection tests new and innovative sustainable materials—like hundreds of tiny pieces of paper and plastic we collected from the beach that inspired us to create a water-soluble hang tag. The proceeds from our Heal the Bay collection also benefit the community.

Heal the Bay


Sustainability is about more than just caring for the environment
We work with and give back to multiple charities and organizations as a continued sense of social responsibility.

Heal the Bay Logo

Heal the Bay

Beach cleanups are just the beginning. Heal the Bay works to mobilize LA’s diverse communities to protect the coastline, restore waterways and speak out for smart water policy. Proceeds from our Heal the Bay collection go to fund this initiative.

NOH8 Logo


We partnered with NO H8 to support their mission to promote marriage, gender and human equality for everyone, and to stand against bullying and discrimination. Our rainbow-colored Classic celebrates Pride, with proceeds going toward this organization.

Employee Responsibility Logo


We believe strongly that community starts at home. We give paid time off to all K-Swiss employees to volunteer in their communities.

K-Swiss California Conscious Logo
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